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Contemporary Issues
International Journal for Social Sciences & Humanities

Contemporary Issues

After an annual hiatus, we can present you the new issue of the Contemporary Issues journal. This discontinuity was caused by a change of publisher and all that goes with mergers and acquisitions of institutions. However, the journal has survived and will continue within the publishing section of the University of Applied Sciences VERN'

In accordance with the policy of the journal, we continue with an exclusive focus on Southeastern Europe. In this issue, we bring you four research articles and three book reviews. Ana Petek examines what is specific political science knowledge about public policy, and what is the unique contribution of political science to policy research and governance to enhance consolidating this relatively undeveloped discipline in Southeastern Europe. Marija Volarević and Domagoj Bebić analyze inaugural presidential addresses in Croatia and Slovenia in the period from 1997 to 2014. A comparison of this important tools in political communication allows us insight into the dominant themes as well as the similarities and differences between the two countries. Mirela Holy investigates whether the most influential political parties in Croatia and Serbia are acquainted with the concept of integrated communication, and whether they are using it in their political activities. Mila Dragojević and Vjeran Pavlaković show how the dominant state narratives affects local commemorations, using the example of the city of Gospić. They analyze the commemorations of World War II in Gospić in the two distinct periods of political regime transition.

Davor Pauković, editor-in-chief

Current issue

suvremene TEME / CONTEMPORARY issues  issue 1, volume 8, Zagreb 2016