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Haters vs. lovers on Facebook: Sentiment analysis of user’s comments :: [>>>]
Milica Vučković, PhD
Relying on the idea that the Internet and social media may increase citizens’ political engagement,
this paper tries to answer what is the dominant sentiment of comments that users leave on the
Facebook fan pages of politicians in power. To answer this question, first the auto-code sentiment
analysis of nearly 44,000 comments posted on the Facebook fan page of former US president
Barack Obama was conducted. Secondly, content analysis was conducted on 2,411 comments
posted on former Croatian president Ivo Josipović’s Facebook fan page. The results of auto-code
sentiment analysis showed that examined comments in Obama’s case were mostly neutral and
positive, while negative sentiment was the least represented in Obama’s case. The results of content
analysis in the Croatian case revealed that the dominant sentiment of all comments was also
positive. Finally, it was revealed that the response rate in both cases was zero, what tells us that
Obama and Josipović used Facebook only for top-down communication, while the interactive
potential of Facebook was neglected.
keywords: Barack Obama  Facebook  interactivity  online participation  sentiment analysis